Copyright Notice

Copyright for Free Items:

All of our free items are totally free to download, distribute, modify, reorganize, or open for commercial use. Some of our free items are available to direct download from WordPress plugin’s repository and the rest of them from our site. So, free items are completely open to share anyone’s site, if the download URL linked with the WordPress plugin’s repository or our server link.

Copyright for Premium Items:

All of our premium plugins/items are subjected to commercial license. Premium users are only going to have access of our premium plugins or items. Moreover updates and support forum help are also available for them. Without our permission any of the premium plugin/item is not permitted to reorganize, modify, or redistribute. Users with single site license are not permitted to use any item in multiple sites.

All contents, designs, images are under copyright law and international treaties. So, without the express permission of MI PLUGINS, copying of site contents, designs, and images will be Illegal and strictly prohibited.


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