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What is Mi Logo Slider & why?

MI Logo Slider is a premium WordPress Plugin that comes with necessary features to build eye-catching showcase of logos. Whenever we need to manage or display logos of your clients, partners or sponsors in many ways. As a slider, grid, Horizontally, Vertically or any other display you like to build. Then MI WP Logo Slider can make the task easy for us. A lot of unique styles would help you to display your logos in many different looks.

If you need to separate logos into different categories, MI Logo Slider has the filter option to do it easily. You can display your desire options without any line of code. This logo slider WordPress Plugin has the Shortcode facility to display logos anywhere on your website. Moreover, besides many options this responsive logo slider WordPress plugin is customizable. So you can change whatever you like to use.

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5 different layouts of logo slider plugin5 different layouts of logo slider plugin

5 Different Layouts

You can display your logos in 5 different layouts by this MI WordPress Logo Slider Plugin. You can use those as per your requirement of displaying logos. Vertical Slider, Horizontal Slider, Filter, Grid, List style. You have Carouse facility with Horizontal and vertical layouts. It also works fine in any device, especially touch device because of responsiveness.

You can simply control the transition speed and auto scroll without any effort from the setting option. As a responsive logo slider it has Grid layout to display your logos to enhance the interaction of the site. You need to add short description with list view display of logos? Yes, this client logo slider Plugin has this option. Finally, as a perfect client logo slider it allows you to display logos with Filter layout facility.

1. Vertical Slider

This responsive logo slider WordPress plugin comes with vertical slider facility. For it’s responsiveness you can fit this any site or any position. Not only vertical, you also have the option to use this vertical transition on any gallery. If you need to put any video, bullets, thumbnails or tab on the slider, this Logo Slider WP Plugin allow this. Moreover, in this logo slider WordPress plugin, you have the option to enable touch navigation.

Most of the time, we recommend to disable it. In case of very large vertical slider, sometime it blocks the default browser scrolling. You can set the vertical slider as you like from verity of options like Vertical box with hover, Simple with auto play, Simple vertical toltip, Vertical round shadow, Vertical blur and many more.

Verticale slider mi plugins
Horizontal Cerousel logo slider

2 Horizontal slider

This logo carousel WordPress slider has the most used feature, Horizontal Slider. It can give the site a professional look that’s why it’s a popular and great option for websites. MI responsive logo slider plugin has used lightweight jQuery script to build this plugin. So setting the horizontal slider is easy and work perfectly ever slow internet. Not only great looking, you can display necessary information with this in a unique way.

Although it seems similar like other horizontal slider but it makes the way easier for you. From the admin panel you can add any a link, and Alt text to the image. There are a lots of layouts available with horizontal slider, If you like to take a look at those you can check Horizontal carousel slider demos.

3. Logo Filter View

Sometime we are in trouble to display out logos or gallery in different category. Here you can solve this problem simply with filter layout. When you like to display logos in different categorize, logo filter option will help you to do that perfectly.
logo Filter Layout
logo grid Layout

4. Logo Grid view

Most of websites are in responsive layout and they need a responsive logo slideshow. Not only that, it’s a remarkable quality of best logo slider WordPress plugin. MI PLUGIN developers understand that. That’s why they have created this feature with a verity of layouts.

Here you have the both option with cutter and without Cutter space. Moreover here are 3 cutter space available for you 5, 10, 15 pixel. It comes with tooltip, box hover shadow-tooltip, box with – hover color, box layout-opacity, box layout – black and white, box with title, grid black and white logo and many other different layouts.

5. Logo list view

When you like something different out of the crowd. Then here logo list view is the perfect out of the crowd style. This view allows you to show logos on a column. You can also display your plugins in two column. It can give you an eye-catching design with responsive layout.
Logo List View responsive logo slider wordpress pluginLogo List View
28+ Styles of mi wordpress logo slider

28+ Styles You Can Build

With this responsive WP logo slider, you have the option to build more than 28 styles. Our experts worked hard to maximize the functionality. It ensure that you can fit this Logo Slider where you exactly need with a verity of styles. Moreover, you can add information as you like. Finally, you don’t have to sacrifice the unique and professional look to get this bundle of features.

SEO Optimization

We understand well that, every online business needs proper SEO strategies. They need to maximize the number of customers visiting the site. While creating our logo slider plugin we kept it in mind. It ensure that it build with SEO friendly structure.

So there will be no trouble to maximize the output. We have used SEO friendly coding and design. That allows you to use your outbound link both do follow and no follow.

SEO Optimize logo slider
responsive logo slider wordpress plugin

Fully Responsive

MI Plugin developers are conscious about the responsiveness of plugins. They ensured the logo slider works perfectly on any device. From big to small like laptop, desktop computer, Smartphones or tablets and everywhere looks great. Moreover, with our powerful setting panel you can create own need with responsive control. Here, few thing gives the MI Logo Slider perfection:

• Works on tablets, desktops, Smartphone and notebooks
• Optimized for both apple and android devices
• SEO Optimization
• Allows you to create customized slide content for various devices
• There are fallback options for Smartphone and tablets

You can use this plugin for varitey type of tasks. You can display Image Slider, Partner Logo Slider, Client Slider, Team Slider and whatever you like similar this.
This makes it perfect for displaying your partner logos, client logos as well as team logos. This makes it not only a logo slider but also an image slider, client slider, and a team slider plugin.

Easy to customize and highly flexible

We at MI Plugin feel the need of your customization facility. Our developers’ efforts were to make it maximum customizable. That’s why we included short-code facility which allows you to display logos or images anywhere you would like to appear. Sidebar, post types, content area, widgets, pages and anywhere you like to display.

Although this logo slider WordPress plugin has many features and functionalities but you don’t have to write any code to set anything. You simply need to open the setting properties and check the options you need. You are ready to go.

mi Easy to customize logo slider
Easy Navigation logo slider

Easy Navigation Design

In this WordPress Logo Slider Plugin many navigation styles are available like arrows, bullets, thumbnails as well as tabs. Additionally, it is very easy to modify or create your sets of navigation elements. Here are the features that make this possible:

• You can use arrows, thumbnail tab, bullet, navigation
• Comes with many ready to use styles
• Includes style and markup builder with preview
• Allows you to export your navigation sets

Multi Use Plugin

User have the opportunity to use this plugin in multi-use. This Logo slider WordPress plugin is perfect to show your Partner, Logos, Team Display, Client logo Display and wherever you like to set. So this is not only logo slider, it is also client slider, image slider, team slider plugin.
Multi Use logo slider Plugin

Key Features

Its features lead you towards opportunities.

SEO optimized:

MI Plugin Developers are conscious about the importance of Search Engine Optimization. That’s why they have built this plugin with SEO friendly coding and design to keep your business growth smooth.

Visual Composer Compatible

It gives you the facility and ability to create any complex page layouts without touching a single line of code. You can build anything you like in no time. Built any layout, fast and easy. Actually Visual Composer gives you the control over the layout of your pages.

Slider Mobile Touch Support:

MI Logo Slider WP Plugin have included a touch swipe feature. It makes easy to slide by touching in screen for mobile users. It’s a fantastic feature to grab attention of most modern device users.

Grid System:

Arranging logos are now easy by using Grid System. Grid system gives you organized, manageable easy presentable facility for logos. It works great in any device like the smart phone, iPhone, tabs, laptop and looks sharp on displays.

Full-Screen and Boxed layout:

By using this Slider Plugin you can use a full-screen layout to use as a header body or footer of the page. You have the option to create logo slider using a boxed layout. It allows you to make it anywhere.

Carousel System:

Carousels system keeps Images/Logos moving. It’s a perfect feature for showcasing logos or gallery of images. You can show a lot of information or logos in a small area. That’s why it’s a widely used system in web.

List Item:

When you need to show information with logos list item can help you most. It’s a unique display of logos who like to create something out of the crowd. You can create one column or two columns as per your logos.


If you need to change any option, you don’t have to code. Customizability of this Logo Plugin is at the maximum level. Just open the setting properties and check options you need. You can make this as you like to see.


This logo slider WordPress plugin comes with responsiveness. It makes the looking great on all types of device large to small especially most modern devices. Moreover, it is touch-swipe feature supported.

Slider Nav/Dot/Auto/Speed Control:

Here you get different navigation styles allow you using dots, arrows or both. It’s very easy to create or modify your sets of navigation elements. You can easily control the sliding speed time.

Dedicated Support:

We at MI Plugin are careful to solve your issue. Our high quality experts are in dedicated support team to provide support. They always on hand to help you out. Just let us know what’s going on with our plugin.

Unlimited Updates: Free of Charge

We offer our customers automatic updates, totally free of charge. So, stay up to date with MI Logo Slider Plugin and receive our latest releases and enhancements without any cost.

Full list of Features

*** Mi Logo Slider have 5 different display types ***

  • Horizantal Slider
  • Verticle Slider
  • Filter Layout
  • Grid Display
  • List Style
  • Visual Composer compatible new New
  • Simple and light weight
  • Very light weight
  • Fully responsive
  • Easy to customise
  • WordPress image uploader
  • Ability to add links to each logo
  • Ability to add category to each logo
  • Ability to add discription to each logo
  • Built in shortcode ready
  • No need any settings if you don't want
  • Work with all WordPress theme
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile touch
  • Advance settings panel with all necessary options.
  • Slider sliding speed, autoplay pause, navigation, pagination, color settings.
  • Display Logos horizontally, vertically, filter mode, grid layout, list layout.
  • Well documentation and support
  • *** Mi Logo Slider Pro ***

  • Multiple logo
  • Verticle Slider
  • Filter Layout
  • List Layout
  • Box with Hover color Style
  • box with Opacity Style
  • box hover shadow Style
  • Box Blur Style
  • Box Gray Style Style
  • Round Shadow Effect Style
General settings
General settings
General settings
General settings

Answer: MI Logo Slider is built to work with any WordPress theme

Answer: The default image size is 200px by 200px.

Answer:  No, all updates are completely free.

Answer:  No, all updates are completely free.

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