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Why Mi WordPress Portfolio Plugin?

Always a WordPress Portfolio Plugin is the best way to showcase your works. Everyone knows how WordPress portfolios work. If you work online or provide service though online, you must need a portfolio gallery. If you are able to display your previous works perfectly to your potential clients, then you’re missing out. If you like to have a stunning responsive portfolio you have two options available. You either use a functional portfolio theme or have a WordPress portfolio plugin. Most of the portfolio user like to have the 2nd option.

It supports images, Audio (Sound Cloud & any other embedded audio), custom Video, YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion & any other embedded videos, mp4 or webm format. This responsive portfolio plugin WordPress is fully responsive and works on all devices and modern browser.

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Mi wordpress portfolio plugin

4 Display Types:

Sometime common style doesn’t look like a professional portfolio. Then you need some different display types to try different looks. Mi portfolio WordPress plugin developers are fully conscious on that issue. So, this MI WordPress portfolio plugin comes with different 4 display types. You can build Filter type portfolio, Portfolio Slider, Grid view Portfolio and accordion type portfolio. In every style you will get a lot of options to decorate your portfolio as an organized, clean and professional portfolio gallery or image gallery project.

If you like to have a responsive portfolio with an eye-catching view then Mi WordPress Portfolios is the best solution because of its responsive layout. In Grid Style you have the control over gutter space and number of display item. Moreover, you can create project details page simply with this plugin.

Total 50 plus Styles

It’s a unique feature of Mi WordPress portfolio plugins. It gives you the opportunity of choosing a verity of styles. This responsive portfolio plugin WordPress user have total 21 styles to decorate a stylish, eye-catching, professional portfolio within few clicks. You will get total 19 styles for using in Filter, Slider and Grid display types. Another 2 styles available only for Accordion display types.

After installing the plugin you just need to click add new portfolio. And you can see all styles are in dropdown menus. Just you need to click the dropdown and select one of them. Although Mi filterable portfolio WordPress plugin comes with a lot of features but using of it is simple and easy. Mi plugins team worked hard to gather features and style and keeping them easy for users.

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3 Single Page Styles:

It works great when you need to display and write any project details. Mi WordPress portfolio plugin allows you to create a single page for displaying your project details with necessary pictures and written description. You can add picture, project info, Client name, Tools you used and Live demo links. Social share icons on single pages could help you to share your portfolio pages. Creating WordPress portfolios using this plugin with different styles also works on single page.

You have 3 single page style variation to pick the right one for displaying you portfolio. These three styles are: 1. Simple 2. Gallery Grid and 3. Gallery Slider. Simple style will help you to add image and project details. In Grid Style you can add Grid view with project details. Gallery Slider single page style allows you to create a slider on you project details page.

Custom Audio and Video Support:

If you need to add display any audio or video portfolio then Mi WordPress portfolio plugin comes with customer audio and video support facility. Sometime a simple audio or video work as thousand text words. That’s why Audio and Video portfolio is now trendy option for creative portfolio. But creating an audio and video supported portfolio is no so easy for everyone. Mi Plugin developers come up with solution.

You can add any type of audio in to make a portfolio. It supports custom audio, Soundcloud & any other embedded audio to providing you maximum flexibility. If you like to add any video, it’s also simple to do with WordPress portfolio plugins. It supports custom video, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion & any other embedded video which you need to add on you portfolio.

Awesome portfolio Hover effects

Awesome Hover effects:

Always great hover effects make the look eye-catching and bring a professional touch. That’s why now stylish people now using awesome hover effects to amazed their visitors. If you are building portfolio WordPress then you have opportunity to grab this facility easily with minimal cost. This WordPress portfolio plugin comes with a lot of hover effects which can give your portfolio a nice and professional look.

While you adding portfolios with using this plugin you will get the option to change the hover effects color. Color scheme allows you to make any color you choose to use. You can control hover effect options from the dashboard settings. Mi plugin developers also keeps it easy to manage for plugin users. Anyway, hover effects help visitor to identify where his mouse in now working.

Filterable Portfolio / Category Support

Mi filterable portfolio WordPress plugin comes with category support facility. It works great when you are working with different types of clients. Then you need a category support to separate display for different category works for different clients. Anyone can make a filtered portfolio with using this WordPress portfolio plugin.

Category support portfolio helps your potential clients to check your exact works in his expected field. Need not to mention, it makes way easy to find out your works easily which exactly a potential client need. Dashboard setting panel is simple and easy to build any filtered portfolio display. After opening the dashboard you see the category option in the right side. Eye-catching hover effects and portfolio popup facility turns the design of this WP portfolio more attractive.

Mi Filterable Portfolio

Related Portfolio Support:

When your potential client visiting any of your portfolio work, then you can invite him to check another similar tasks done by you. Mi WordPress portfolio plugin comes with related portfolio support facility. So adding related portfolios at the bottom of any page or portfolio gives you chance to get more impression. It works most because potential clients like to check your related works before taking your service.

This responsive portfolio plugin WordPress supports related portfolio with 19 styles with slider view. It looks nice and more effective way to show more works within short space. Click any page of portfolio from the demo to check related item view at the bottom of the page. It simply makes the way easy to present a lot of works with less effort. It also saves time and space.

Key Features

4 Display Types:

Mi WordPress portfolio plugin comes with 4 display types which gives you opportunity to build different types of portfolio. These four types are: Filter display, Slider display, Grid View and Accordion view.

Total 50 plus Styles:

While building WordPress portfolios with this plugin, you will get a lot of styles to use. Total 21 styles for using in your portfolio gallery. 19 styles for filter, slider, Grid display types and rest 2 styles only for Accordion display types.

3 Single Page Styles

You have 3 different single page styles to decorate your professional WordPress portfolios. These are, single page with filter view style, single page with slider view style, and single page with grid view style.

Category Support:

This WordPress portfolio plugin has category support facility. It helps you to display your previous works with filtered view. Category facility helps your potential clients to get the expected portfolios easily.

Support Custom Audio:

If you need to add any audio in your portfolio gallery you can simply do that with using this plugin. It supports custom audio, audios from Soundcloud or any other embedded audio you like to add.

Support Custom Video:

Video portfolio is now a trendy thing. Mi WordPress portfolio plugin make the way easy to add any video in your portfolio. It supports any custom video, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or any other embeded video