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What is Mi Testimonial Slider & why?

MI Testimonial Slider helps you showing the feedbacks and testimonials submitted by your customers in a verity of beautiful layouts. This WordPress Testimonial Plugin is a highly customizable. It makes the way easy to add a slider carousel, Filter, grid or combo view of different testimonials.

Its 20+ Layouts and styles are clean, responsive and in an excellent format. The highlighting process of testimonials from readers, customers or valuable users is easy by this Testimonial Plugin WordPress. We know that well, Testimonials can work quickly to convert visitors into your valuable clients. Because of people like to know the experience of existing users before they make any decision. Here are the fields that testimonial slider can handle and show:

  1. Customer/Client Name
  2. Star Rating
  3. Customer's Testimonial
  4. Customer’s Image
  5. Customer’s Company Name

This WordPress testimonials plugin comes with a lot of front-end features and dashboard setting features. Without any coding knowledge, you can easily customize testimonials' style and design even visibility settings for responsiveness.

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  • Released 12 Jan 2017
  • Last update 12 Jan 2017
  • Current version 1.0.0
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Wordpress Testimonial Plugin

Mi Testimonial Slider have 20 + Layouts & Styles

MI Testimonials plugin have 20+ different layouts and styles to choose. You have to option to pick the exact one which looks better for your website. It gives you the opportunity to choose one which appears best match style to your website

Slider Carousel:

You can display testimonials that you received from customers, visitors or clients in a slider form. This slider carousel has Dot view, and Navigation views style. Carousels system keeps testimonials moving. Admin has the option to set the position of Dot or Navigation and its text color.

testimonial slider plugin
Grid and Filter Testimonials plugin

Filter, Grid and List View:

Sometimes when you need to create the category of your testimonial, the filter view option will help you to do that. You can just create the categories from setting panel. Grid and List View is also available in it. Using this testimonial WordPress plugin, anyone can show testimonials in these three views depending on the requirement.

Combo Slider:

Another eye-catching and space saver slider design in Combo Slider. After clicking any picture of authors, the visitor can see his/her testimonial. You can set the position of Author Name inside the Quote box or beside author image.

wp testimonials plugin
Responsive testimonial slider plugin

Best Responsive Design

MI built it as a responsive testimonial slider. It is completely responsive, and you can control its responsiveness from setting panel. So, its works great on mobile devices. Everything in it is responsive, including the title text and contents.

Fast Load Time

MI Testimonials load time is less than 2 seconds. Auto sliding also starts as well. If you have more than 20 testimonials inside a slider, don’t worry, it loads quickly. The design structure of this WordPress testimonials plugin is very lightweight.

load fast on any device or mobile site with mi testimonial slider plugin
testimonial slider plugin wordpress

Star Ratings System:

There is the opportunity to have the star rating of testimonials which will appear on display. Not only that, a user can submit a rating using the testimonial form.

Browser Support:

MI WordPress testimonial slider plugin is compatible with all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer (IE7+), etc.

8 browser support
seo optimize wordpress testimonial plugins

SEO Optimized:

MI developers know the importance of SEO in your business. This WordPress testimonials plugin is SEO optimized as all of the slides indexed by search engines like Google or other.

Touch and Swipe Support:

This responsive testimonial slider comes with touch and swipes support for Android devices and iOS. You have the option to enable the touch navigation although we recommend disabling this because of user experience.  

Touch and Swipe Support testimonial wordpress plugins
different nav-min

Different Navigation Style:

In this testimonials WordPress plugin you can set Dot style navigation style or arrow style. You can control the Navigation button form Slider Style  and NAV Position setting from the admin panel.

Square / Round Avatar:

From the admin panel, you can choose to show the avatar in square or round format. You can pick one which appears good to your website. You can change the ratio of Image Border (in percentage) from Author Design setting section.

Square Round Avatar images on mi testimonail wordpress plugin
company name testimonial slider plugin


Besides testimonials, you can show the authors’ designation and company name of the customers, clients or visitors.

To learn more about this testimonials slider WordPress plugin, check the demo of this testimonials slider WordPress.


Dashboard Setting Features – MI Testimonials Slider

The testimonials slider view can be easily customized using the well-organized and easy admin panel options. After opening the dashboard, you can see a lot of setting options to create and customize the testimonial plugin WordPress.

50+ Setting Options:

MI Testimonials Slider can be customized 100% from its dedicated settings panel. You can see a comfortable and well-designed setting panel of this testimonials slider WordPress plugin. It allows you to change color, font, image and slider size, layouts, effects and many other customizations without writing a single line code. Even you can control over responsibility setting from visibility settings option.


Design Option:

The setting panel has a well-organized design panel to customize the testimonials and author sections. You can change text color and background color as you like. For customizing author section, there are many setting options like image border color, image border hover color, etc. Even you can control author name font size, font color, designation/company font size, designation/company font color, author rating, rating color, etc.


Testimonial Style and Design:

There are a lot of option to change Testimonial Style and Design. With this MI Testimonials Plugin WordPress, you can control Testimonial styles, designs and author position. They are like testimonial layouts, slider style, dot position, dot color, dot background color, Dot hover color, etc.


Visibility Settings:

With MI WordPress testimonials plugin you have to option to control visibility setting for the responsive view. You can set the large desktop grid number, desktop grid number, tab grid number, etc. For small devices, you can set mobile grid number, small mobile grid number from the Visibility Setting panel.


500+ Google Fonts:

For titles, contents and other text information you can use Google Fonts. This WordPress Testimonials Plugin comes with a lot of well-integrated Google Fonts. You can just select the fonts from the settings panel.


To create or change anything no need of knowledge of HTML, CSS, or PHP. You can build and customize easily this testimonials plugin WordPress. Let us know your suggestion what we can include in this MI WordPress testimonials plugin. MI authority will give you updates of MI Testimonial Slider for free.

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Key Features

Easy to Setup:

Setup process of this WordPress testimonials plugin is simple and easy. Just need to install and activate. Now, start creating sliders or adding testimonial sliders from the WordPress admin panel.

Unlimited Sliders:

You can make an unlimited number of testimonials slider, grid, filter, and combo view on your website. There is no limitation or restriction after owning this testimonial slider plugin WordPress.

Completely Responsive

MI WordPress testimonial slider plugin has responsive layout. A lot of users are now using smart devices. MI developers are conscious and built it completely responsive for mobile devices.

Dedicated Support:

MI Plugin support team is happy to solve your problem. Just let our experts know, they are on hand to help you. We are careful to solve any issue with our testimonials slider WordPress plugin.

SEO Friendly

This testimonial slider has built with SEO friendly structure to keep your business growth smooth. The importance of SEO is increasing day by day. So, you need a Plugin with SEO optimized structure.

Easy to Use:

The installation process and using dashboard is easy for everyone. There is no need to learn any code to use or customize this responsive testimonial slider. Just open the dashboard and start using.

Unlimited Updates:

At MI Plugins, after purchasing our products, we offer all updates free of charge. After time to time, we usually release updates of our products. Keep in touch with us to get updates for free.

Short-code Facility:

This testimonials slider WordPress plugin has the short-code facility. Create testimonial slider, grid or combo view on any page just using the short-code. Short-codes are available in Setting panel.

Less Loading Time:

Loading time of MI Testimonial Slider Plugin is less than two seconds. The design structure of this WP Testimonials Plugin is very light. So, the page will take less time to load on any devices.

Full list of Features

*** Mi Testimonial Slider have 5 different display types ***

  • Carousel
  • Grid Layout
  • Filter Layout
  • Combo Slider One
  • List Style

*** And it have 5 different Layout Styles. ***

  • Style One
  • Style Two
  • Style Three
  • Style Four
  • Style Five

*** Mi Testimonial Slider is highly customizable. ***

  • Visual Composer compatible new New
  • Responsive grid building
  • Very light weight
  • Slider items
  • Easy to customise
  • Responsive slider items
  • Adding category to display filter layout
  • Changing colors
  • Changing slider nav/dot colors
  • Changing background colors
  • Changing display styles
  • Work with all WordPress theme
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile touch
  • Advance settings panel with all necessary options.
  • Slider sliding speed, autoplay pause, navigation, pagination, color settings.
  • Well documentation and support

*** Mi Testimonial Slider Features ***

  • Simple and light weight
  • Very light weight
  • Fully responsive
  • Easy to customise
  • WordPress image uploader
  • Built in shortcode ready
  • No need any settings if you don't want
  • Ability to add Image, Name, Quote, Designation, 5 star Rating to each testimonial
  • Easy to use
  • Advance settings panel with all necessary options.
  • Slider navigation, pagination, color settings.
  • Display Testimonials as carousel, filter mode, grid layout, list layout, combo slides.
  • Easy to use
  • Advance settings panel with all necessary options.
General settings
General settings
General settings
General settings
General settings
General settings

Answer: MI Logo Slider is built to work with any WordPress theme

Answer: The default image size is 200px by 200px.

Answer:  No, all updates are completely free.

Answer:  No, all updates are completely free.