Terms of Use / Terms and Conditions

Please don’t forget to read this terms and conditions, before signing up, downloading our product, taking any service provided by us or using this site. Please make sure that you have read all the terms and completely agreed. While you are using MI PLUGINS, we assume you’ve already agreed to terms & conditions described below.

We, https://miplugins.com reserves the full right to modify and change terms and conditions at any time while it needed, without any prior notice.

Product Delivery

There is no charge and no delay, if you wish download our free products. You will be able to access/log in user dashboard after successful registration. If you like to have Premium WordPress Plugins, you need to pay first. Only you can download or access to our paid products after we receive and verify your payment. For payment processing we use Master Card, Visa, PayPal, American Express, and all types of major credit card. As a user of you must agree with all of their terms and conditions completely before paying https://miplugins.com.


User will receive an automatic email containing the membership information and link. After the successful payment our automatic system will create the account. If your payment got into any trouble or delay, then we will review it and download information manually. It would take up to 48 hours maximum to solve depending on the situation and investigation.

Plugin/ Product Updates

All of our premium plugins and products updates are available to our active paid members. No extra charge for updates. In case you need special update immediately as per you particular use, you need to pay according to requirements. https://miplugins.com is not bound to release any update for free products.

Each time after releasing the new version of WordPress, we do a routine check of our products for compatibility with the new version. Then we update those, if this is necessary. Moreover, we update our plugins and products any time when we discover a bug. Sometime we make this update to add a new feature.


Yes. You are totally allowed to modify our products according to your requirements, after purchasing this. However, before you modify, you can check the documentation and ask your question on the forum to get an easier and better way to attain what you want to do.


As a user you have no right to claim intellectual property or exclusive ownership to our products/plugins. All products that already released or we will release in future, they are the property of MIPLUGINS.

Unauthorized/Illegal Usage

You are not allowed to use the MI PLUGINS products for any unauthorized or illegal purpose. You may not use our product that violate any of the laws in your jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright laws) as well as the International laws. It is hardly prohibited to use any of our plugin or product to promote: racism, violence, hard pornography, terrorism, vulgarity content or any kind of warez software links.

You are completely agree not to duplicate, reproduce, copy, sell, or exploit any plugin or products or portion of the without the written permission by MI PLUGINS. You may not release or redistribute any of our plugin or product under a (GPL) General Public License.

MI Plugin reserves the full authority of blocking/terminating your membership account, if we find any issue that you are not showing the permitted behavior.

Members are completely responsible for all the content and activity that posted in the forum that occurs under his/her account.

After you creating an account on the MI PLUGINS website, you are completely responsible to maintain the security of your account. As a member, you are responsible for the contents and all kind of activities that occur under your account. You are also responsible for any other actions that taken in connection with your account. In this case, you should notify MI PLUGINS immediately if there any unauthorized uses occurred with your account or any kind of security issue.


Downloads for our products are available for everyone. In case of premium product its after signing up at https://miplugins.com. However, sometime customer’s legal purchase would be pending for a manual check-up of anti-fraud process. After completing this step you will receive an email that will contain details about the payment. This anti-fraud checking system occurs due to the significant number of fraudulent transitions worldwide from those persons that they are not the actual card holder during the purchase process.

Price Changes

MI PLUGIN reserves the full right to change the price temporarily or permanent of all products which released by https://miplugins.com. Moreover, we have the full right to do that with any notice or without any prior notice


Every single product that released by MI PLUGINS is fully guaranteed to work properly upon the right installation process and setup without any changes. If you modify one or more of the files or include any third party application, note that we can’t guarantee about the product that will work properly.

We cannot guarantee that our products will function with all types of 3rd party components, or web browsers. We already have the most compatibility with all popular browsers.

All members of MI PLUGINS have the right to access our forum. Here, we do not committed to monitor this forum strictly. However we are dedicated to respond to the questions.

N.B: The MI PLUGINS reserves the full right to modify, delete or change the current Terms and Conditions with or without any prior notice.


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